SKIGURU.BG is a portal aiming to provide the best offers for ski vacations in more than 100 European destinations. Our team has 10 years experience in creating and developing ski packages in the French Alps and in the last few years we have successfully realized numerous vacations in other Alpine destinations – Italy, Austria Switzerland.

We provide a wealth of valuable information to help you select the perfect ski destination. This includes details on the number of slopes, the size of ski zones, prevailing climatic conditions, historical snow situation, resort infrastructure, and transportation options. We aim to present you with all the necessary insights to choose the most suitable and interesting ski resort for your vacation.

Our mission is to popularize winter sports and to give more people the opportunity to experience them.


In a few easy steps you can receive an offer for your ski vacation.

  1. Choose COUNRY, ski WEEK and NUMBER of people
  2. From the fall menu select ski resort in the chosen country, and the type of accommodation you prefer
  3. Leave us your names, e-mail and any note describing whether you have any special requirements.
  4. Click on SEND and we are going to answer you in the time frame of 72 hours or even faster, sending the best proposal for you.

“It was my first time skiing in the Alpes and first time even trying to learn how to do it - it was absolutely worthy and the right way to get me started. The group was great and we had the valuable support of our guide all the time as well.“

First time in Alpes

“Great organisation, everything is sorted for you. The guides are super responsive, they also give you extra hints for extra activities, best restaurants, bars, ,grocery stores. Transportation is super convenient and flexible.“


“Very professional organization and amazing locations!“

Mihail Bachurov